Essay Made Intriguing By Professional Writers

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Variety of Essay Writing


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Cost For Essays

Prices are modeled to suit one’s budget and capability. Affordable and minimum amount is charged from the customers for writing unique and quality papers following the given specifications. Besides, some tasks, such as, formatting, outline, bibliography, title page, etc are also provided free of cost so that one can procure good quality essays.

Skilled Writers

The quality of the assigned papers depends on the efficiency and expertise of the writer. So the online companies make sure to hire writers with high qualified degrees or PHDs with knowledge on essay writing. Besides, it is also looked upon that the competence of the writers are checked by taking test before hiring. That way they get a clear idea about their command of spoken and written English language, their creativity and writing style.

Resources Available

The online companies are equipped with journals, historical information, e-books, periodicals and other academic books on different subjects. It becomes easier for the writers to carry out research before writing essays on the subject matter of the given assignment. Thus, customers are provided with well written papers rich in content and backed with facts those are beyond any reasonable doubts. The customers can also be communicated over phone and online chat rooms to clear out doubts on topics before writing papers and then submit completed works.

How It Works?

  • The paper has to be chosen
  • Required detailed instructions to be added as much as possible
  • Order has to be paid
  • The most eligible writer is assigned and topic is discussed with him
  • The completed paper has to be then downloaded

The essay writers therefore aids in furnishing congenial essay writing help for the customers thus ensuring more works for the future.

Get the best quotes online for AC repairs

The best air conditioner repair company with 20 years of experience is ready and all equipped to serve you better with emergency appointments too. The stuart air condition repair company also have wise professional trained technicians who deliver services with a lot of precision all kinds of services like repairs, installation, maintenance of various types of and brands of air conditioners.


The website of the company has detailed a few questions which should be asked to the technicians when they arrive at your doorstep, this includes the estimated cost which helps to arrive at estimated quote, the resultant bill savings, chances of breakdowns, and also current efficiency of the installed unit. This will give the clients a wholesome picture and the technicians are also more than happy to answer all the questions and also display a fare amount of knowledge through their experience curve. They also help in installing air purification systems in your AC as they are concerned about the health of the customers who suffer from sinus and allergies due to the pollutants passing from the AC in the body.

The stuart air condition repair company believes in using high end modern technology like HVAC which is more efficient than the older Technologies They also help in proper selection and installation of ac units which is normally a frustrating task. They do a complete home evaluation and consider family needs when aiding in the decision making. Providing comfort, relaxation and a pleasant long lasting cooling experience at low cost is the motive of this company.

Careers at Schwab

About the Company

Why to choose Schwab?

Schwab is a one of the world’s brokerage companies, providing financial services and comprehensive online access to U.S investment products and market and other security research. Schwab offers the following:

  • Brokerage accounts.
  • Investment guidance for choosing better goals. Investment products also include stocks, world securities, fixed income, offshore mutual funds and margin loans.
  • Providing advanced trading technologies for active traders.
  • Provides fast credit at lower rates.
  • Research strategies for better trading.

How to Apply

How to apply with Schwab?

It is very easy to find a position for an interested individual in this Schwab. The steps to be followed are:

  • Click search options for better positions, and interested areas.
  • Register, by creating a job profile and post a resume. Check the status and stay connected with the company. An applicant can even login the website for changes in the interested area and new resume uploading.

Recruitment Process

How do the hiring officers recruit in Schwab?

Selected applicants will be scheduled with a preliminary appointment on phone by the recruiter. If the response of the applicant is positive and favorable, he or she will be notified with an email. The process can be briefly explained as:

  • Initial screening or interview.
  • Personal interview.
  • Job offer in the selected area of interest.
  • Joining date.

The email received selected applicants will need to attend personal interview and submit the necessary documents and need to face human resources round. If the individual is selected and confirmed; he or she will be given a joining date.

Career Growth

What are the possible ways to discover employee’s Schwab?

Schwab careersfor the recruited individuals will be divided based on their qualifications, skills and experiences; they will be further provided with training programs for the different areas like investor services, advisor services, corporate and retirement services.

Careers at Hess

  1. About the Company

Why to choose Hess?

Hess is the world’s leading independent energy company in exploring and producing natural gas and crude oil. They even market the products distillated from crude oil like petroleum oils; besides this they even generate electricity from natural gas etc.., There are many branches around the globe with the company’s main quarters at New York city.

This company is even responsible to produce gasoline which is responsible to lesser green house gases emissions. They even maintain sustainability by maintaining the following:

  • Social responsibilities activities: These activities include classes and training to the employees and common people about the environment, safety and laws. Business should not reflect negatively on the communities who live around the companies or the refining reserves.
  • Environment and health: Company’s main aim is to increase the customer service and profits by protecting the safety of employees and creating a long-lasting environment to work continuously.
  • Better safety to stockholders and localates.


  1. How to Apply

How to apply with Hess?

In order to apply in this Hess, an interested individual can browse job search engine in the areas like marketing, refining, production and exploration etc.., a confirmation email is received by the applicant if she or he is with satisfactory resume.

  1. Recruitment Process

How do the hiring officers recruit in Hess

Recruitment is carried out by the recruiters based on the market needs. Qualified applicants will be even provided with travel and accommodation expenses. Personal interview, details of pay scale will be provided by the recruitment team. Finally the recruited individual will be given a date to join Hess.

  1. Career Growth

What are the possible ways to discover employee’s career at Hess?

Hess careersfor “Hess Team member” will have a greater future when they try to provide skills and advanced technologies in their respective fields. Decisions are taken by the company on personal preferences based on the individual performances. Employees will be even given with short term assignments to develop in the company.


1)   About the company

Company Profile

URS Corporation is a contractor that provides service in engineering design, construction and technical for different sectors. URS Corporation was established in 1951 with headquarters at San Francisco City California State United States. It carries out its operations in 40 countries with more than 46,500 employees worldwide.

2)   How to Apply

Application Procedure

To apply for URS Careers follow the given below steps

  • Go to the main website of URS Corporation and look for careers link which is provided as tab in on the top of the page.
  • On moving cursor nearby to the careers tab, one can find out list with different options.
  • Click on ‘Career opportunities’ link for searching for jobs.
  • On search page fill in with different details that are needed for applying jobs, do not forget to check the country field with U.S.
  • Click on the button ‘search’ to search for jobs.
  • Once the search is done, one can find the details of all current job openings listed in a stack.
  • Click on the link for which interested, the page navigates to other page where all the details and requirements of job place are mentioned.
  • Click on ‘apply now’ button for applying for that job place.
  • If the website asks for registration then register with it by providing enough personal details.
  • These personal details provided in website database stay with it for one year.

3)   Recruitment Process

Process of Hiring

URS Corporation recruits personals of different departments which include engineering, administration, financial etc. The following are some recruitment procedure or steps that are followed by URS Corp.

  • Resume screening.
  • Aptitude test.
  • Group discussions.
  • Technical and HR rounds.
  • Back ground verification

One can also know about recruitment events by visiting website and looking under career section for ‘recruiting events’.

4)   Career Growth

Development at URS Corporation

URS Corporation conducts different programs for employees to help them develop skills which enable them to seize opportunities all along their career path. These programs are given below.

  • Review process on people for mentoring them.
  • Training programs that meet the standards of International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

By good performance and right experience and educational qualifications an employee may grow in company by taking opportunities provided by them.

A career with United Healthcare

I.            About the Company

United Healthcare in brief:

United Health group is a health company which operates and offers its valuable services through two important ventures: United Healthcare and Opium. The company was founded in the year 1977 with its head waters at Minnesota, USA. The company is considered to be the largest provider of health insurance in the USA. The company is believed to have generated revenue of $87.1 billion by the end 2009. The company is said to define what works best for the employees and their families. The company has covered 1 million lives and has achieved the highest levels of efficiency, communications and employee satisfaction.

  • The company finds new and better ways to deliver information and service to its customers.
  • The company makes full use of technology to make its services efficient, effective and up to date.
  • The company launched a national advice activity on aging which helps Medicare world, their caregivers and people learn more about health care options.
  • The council also educates the seniors and their families about the importance of researching Medicare options.

II. How to Apply

Applying for a Career with United healthcare

United healthcare careers are open for both fresh beginners as well as experienced professionals. Both have equal opportunities for taking part in the recruitment process. Where beginners can kick-start their career with the right steps, experienced people can add to their profile with better opportunities and challenges. United healthcare careers create an organized team of professionals trained to become problem solvers and independent thinkers.

  • Any interested candidate can log on to the united healthcare website and create a personal profile online.
  • Open the careers section and click on the register option.
  • Fill out the details in the registration page.
  • There are different options for your skills, preferences and industry you’re working for.
  • Submit the details once they are entered correctly.
  • United Healthcare contacts any relevant candidate that suits their current requirement through email.
  • Later, human resource personnel contact the person for interview venue, timings and other details.

One can often keep an eye on the careers webpage of united healthcare Careers to scout for recent postings for jobs in various fields.


III. Recruitment Process

The various steps in recruitment process at united healthcare

  • The résumé is screened to check whether the candidate is eligible for the job
  • A written test is conducted to check with the subject knowledge of the candidate. This step is not mandatory.
  • Group interview
  • Personal interview with focus on technical knowledge.
  • Personal interview with focus on attitude and behavior.
  • An application number is assigned to the candidate through whom he/she will be referred in the future.
  • Intimation of the joining date or any other relevant information is made through email.
  • Joining.




IV. Career Growth

Moving ahead with united healthcare

Selected candidates can be placed anywhere at one of these locations depending upon the project requirements. The work culture of the company encourages team work as well as personal growth.

  • All recruited candidates are taken through a training module, wherein they are trained with all project specific tasks and schedules.
  • Later, they are allotted to a team leader, under whose guidance the people are going to work.
  • The team leads check all the work and report performance.
  • Regular appraisals are conducted.
  • Those with very good performances are advanced to further stages.
  • The stages include from assistant doctors to surgeons and other major posts.

V. Employee Policies

Working with United healthcare

United healthcare has a very employee friendly work culture that motivates every person for both personal and professional growth. Employees are expected to work towards the company’s advancement while learning from each other. Responding to requests from the client is and everyday task. Employees say that there is never a dull day with the range of challenges and tasks offered by the company. Though the organization is big, one can find their own niche.

  • Everyone contributes in creating a great work place and the company believes that success is dependent on a healthy work environment.
  • The care and compassion shown to the patients is also shown to the co-workers and colleagues.
  • The company ensures a safe, high quality and most compassionate environment to work.
  • Individual performances are observed and rewarded with professional growth and relevant benefits.
  • The company offers its people with what is called as a package of ‘total rewards’. This is offered outside the basic salary or compensation.
  • United healthcare enables the employees to enjoy their work while also striking a balance between professional and personal responsibilities.
  • United healthcare offers optional sabbatical, community development schemes and personal support services.


Want to know more?

The company has option for FAQs for anyone who wants to know more about united healthcare. These include help on,

-      Whom should I consult about the united healthcare stocks?

-      How do I compute the tax basis of tax-free spins?

-      How do I cash an old united healthcare stock I have?

Genetic engineer careers


Genetic engineering profession is one of the fastest growing one in the present world. A person with expert knowledge of genetics is called a genetic engineer. They research and conduct experiments on genetic code of different kind of species such as animals, humans and plants. The specialized research is used to produce many products like medicine for life threatening diseases and so on. Their research can also lead to better crops which will have longer shelf lives. Salaries for genetic engineers are based on their education and experience level. Among all, skill and talent plays an important role in deciding the career prospects of genetic engineers.

They modify and manipulate hereditary makeup and genes of plants, microorganisms and animals and plants. With their specialized knowledge, they conduct a wide range of research in biological science areas which includes botany, biochemistry, microbiology and embryology. Genetic engineers develop numerous techniques in the fields of animal husbandry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Usually, the genetic engineers work in teams in laboratory settings. They conduct scientific experiments associated with genetics. Genetic engineers create products which helps the immune system in fighting with bacteria and viruses. They also develop a genetic code for improvised plants. Creating surgical augmentations which can be integrated into the human body is also being developed by them.

Duties & Responsibilities of Genetic engineer

  • Developing strains of bacteria which improves effects of pharmaceutical products and antibiotics.
  • Performing clinical tests to diagnose genetic diseases.
  • Circumventing infertility in humans
  • Developing new crops which are disease – resistant and nutritious.
  • Regulating animal breeding.
  • Developing microorganisms which detoxify industrial waste.
  • Providing substitute fuel sources.
  • Developing bacteria which consume oil spills.
  • Improving the milk yield of buffalos and cows.


Educational requirements to become Genetic engineer


  • Graduation / Post graduation in genetic engineering / biology / zoology / chemistry / micro biology / bio-chemistry / biotechnology.
  • Having a PhD in genetic engineering will be an added and additional advantage for a bright career in genetic engineer areas.
  • Research and development educational programs have better value than mere graduation / post graduation courses, as genetic engineering jobs are more of research related areas.


Salary details of Genetic engineers

  • Genetic engineers earn handsome salaries apart from bonus, incentives, health and medical packages and reimbursements.
  • A bachelor’s degree genetic engineer can earn an annual salary of $45, 000
  • A person with doctorate degree in genetic engineering can earn annual salary of $140, 440.
  • The average income of genetic engineers is $83, 000.


Career options for Genetic engineers

  • Biological laboratories
  • Research labs
  • pharm organizations
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Bio-pharm a industries
  • Teaching profession
  • Food industries
  • Biotechnological firms


Career outlook of genetic engineers

With vast knowledge and experience in genetic research, genetic engineers can become administrators and project leaders for major research projects. They can find career advancement by publishing their research findings in professional science journals. People with strong passion for research have good employment outlook. With several discoveries leading to the betterment of mankind, genetic engineering profession is growing steadily. Recently several findings in agriculture, private industry and medicine have created high growth opportunities in this profession.


Acosta Sales and Marketing Careers

I. About the Company

Acosta Sales and Marketing in Brief

This organization is one of the best and ancient among all sales and marketing companies in United States of America. They are providing the remarkable services to its customers and clients for more than 80 years. They are very consistent in sales and marketing and have excellent track record from the past many years. Almost all the top retailers in North America are clients and customers of this company. This company has branches in almost all cities in U.S.

II. How to Apply

Applying for a Career with Acosta Sales and Marketing

Acosta provides excellent challenging opportunities for professionals who are interested to build their career in the field of sales and marketing. There are even plenty of other opportunities available both part time and full time. Candidates who desire to work for Acosta sales and marketing can search for available vacancies online in the company website and can apply for them directly.

III. Recruitment Process

The various steps in recruitment

  • Resume Screening
  • Interview call
  • Series of tests
  • Personal interview or a group interview
  • Offer letter to the candidates
  • Joining



IV. Career Growth

Moving ahead with Acosta sales and marketing

Most of the candidates dream to get an opportunity in this company because of its standards and reputation all over North America. Career growth and enhancement of the candidate is excellent, rapid and incomparable with other sales and marketing companies.

V. Employee Policies

Working with Acosta sales and marketing

The work culture in the company is very friendly and challenging as the employees here, interact with the customers and clients regularly to improve and maintain the existing business opportunities between them.